Vegetable Manchow Soup

Vegetable Manchow SoupManchow Soup₹ 70

Indian Chinese hot cuisine prepared with lots of vegetables and topped with crispy fried noodles.

Tomato SoupTomato Soup₹ 60

Healthy, tasty, thick and creamy soup of bowl prepared with fresh tomatoes.

south indian


plain dosaPlain Dosa₹ 80

Simple and Tasty, Traditional and Authentic South Indina Dosa now in Palampur.

masala dosaMasala Dosa₹ 100

Thin crispy Dosa with the stuffing of spiced and seasoned potato served with delicious Sambhar and Nariyal Chutney.

plain rava dosaPlain Rava Dosa₹ 100

Authentic Rava Dosa made with very fine Rava served with loads of vegetables based Sambhar and Nariyal Chutney.

masala rava dosaOnion Masala Rava Dosa₹ 120

Very popular South Indian Rava Dosa with the stuffing of Masala Onion served with authentic Sambhar and Nariyal Chutney.

paneer dosaPaneer Dosa₹ 130

High Protein Super delicious Paneer Dosa along with Sambhar and Nariyal Chutney.

tomato onion uttapamTomato Onion Uttapam₹ 100

A thick Sounth Indian Rice Pancake with tomato and onion toppings.

Idli sambharIdli Sambhar₹ 70

An extremely light meal perfect for mountain travelling.

vada sambharVada Sambhar₹ 70

Have it by itself or with the delicious Sambhar & coconut chutney. Tastes awesome either way.

soya dosaSoya Plain / Masala Dosa₹ 100/120

Healthy thin and crunchy Dosa offered with Delicious Nariyal Chutney and Sambhar.

green dosaGreen Plain / Masala Dosa₹ 100/120

Crispy Dosa with the special Sambhar and Nariyal Chutney.



BurgerVeg Burger₹ 65

Taste the all-time favorite street food with delicious aloo Tikki and buns filled with a salad.

french friesFrench Fries₹ 50

Extra Crispy and golden finger potato french fries serve the best snack.

SandwichVeg Sandwich₹ 65

Delicious and healthy sandwich with the filing of vegetables, cheese, and mayonnaise.

grilled veg sandwichGrilled Veg Sandwich₹ 85

Grilled veg sandwich with the feeling of butter, vegetables, cheese, and mayonnaise from the streets of Mumbai.

pasta white saucePasta (White Sauce)₹ 140

Delicious, creamy and cheesy pasta loaded with lots of vegetables and aromatic sauce.

pasta red saucePasta (Red Sauce)₹ 120

Traditional Italian Red tangy Pasta mixed with many veggies now in Palampur.

maggi tadkaMaggi Tadka₹ 50

Relish the mouth watering street style maggie tadka with loads of veggies.

rajasthani special


dal baatiDal Bati Churma₹ 300

(Bati, Gatte ki Sabzi, Dal, Churma, Chutney, Onion, Sweet)

The most popular Rajasthani Delicacy now in Palampur for the very first time.

gatte ki sabziGatte Ki Sabzi₹ 180

An Authentic dish straight from Rajasthan cuisine which is very delicious to eat.

choormaChurma (Desi Ghee) / kg₹ 400

The most popular Rajasthani Delicacy coarsely grinded wheat with desi ghee.

chinese combo

manchurian fried rice

manchurian fried riceVeg Manchurian (with Noodles / Fried Rice)₹ 140

A delicious Chinese cuisine - Manchurian balls with Noodles and Fried Rice.

paneer noodlesChilli Paneer (with Noodles / Fried Rice)₹ 170

Delicious Chilli paneer served with Noodles and Fried Rice.

indian combos


rajma chawalRajma Chawal₹ 90

Most loved food with thick gravy mixed with Rice from Palampur.

chhole chawalChhole Chawal₹ 90

Authentic Punjabi Chhole served with Aromatic Rice.

kadhi chawalKadhi Chawal₹ 90

A must try most popular Kadhi Chawal with the perfect blend of spices and additional Pakoras.

dal chawalDal Chawal₹ 90

The Wonder Diet Dal Chawal with the perfect taste becomes an essential part of your diet.

supreme thaliSupreme Thali₹ 200

(Paneer of the Day, Dal Makhani, Mix Veg, Raita, 1 Laccha Parantha, 1 Butter Naan, Rice, Salad, Papad, Pickle & Sweet)

Pure vegetarian taste of India now in a single offering. Your stomach will scream enough long before your tongue does.

veg deluxe thaliDeluxe Thali₹ 160

(Paneer of the Day, Dal Makhani, 2 Tandoori Roti, Rice, Salad, Papad, Pickle & Sweet)

Our Deluxe Thali is good enough to cool down your hunger.

paneer sabziPaneer Sabzi (Paneer of the Day)₹ 180

Pieces of Paneer cooked in an aromatic onion and tomato gravy flavored with fragrant spices.

dal makhaniDal Makhani₹ 120

Taste Authentic creamy and rich North Indian Dal Makhani blend with perfect spices.

yellow dalYellow Dal₹ 120

Nourishing preparation with tadka of onion, tomatoes, and spices.

malai koftaMalai Kofta₹ 150

Melt in your mouth with creamy texture and delight Malai Kofta in white gravy to enhance your taste buds.

jeera alooJeera Aloo₹ 130

Delicious Aloo sauteed in coarsely crushed jeera and mild spices.

achari alooAchari Aloo₹ 130

Have a bite of Tangy and achari flavour Aloo.

mix vegMix Veg. (Dry)₹ 140

The bowl full of Tasty and nutritious mix veg with fine blended spices gives you the best shot.

chana masalaChana Masala₹ 130

The incredible taste of Chana with Masala at Palampur.

rajmaRajma₹ 130

Finger licking Tangy, creamy and delicious Rajma with the perfect blend of special spices.

kadhiKadhi Rajsthani₹ 110

A must try Rajasthani dish with a perfect blend of spices in addition with delicious Pakoras.

raitaRaita₹ 80

Fresh,Thick and creamy raita with the flavour of roasted cumin and vegetables.

tandoori rotiTandoori Roti₹ 15

Tempted very popular Tandoori roti made in traditional tandoor.

butter rotiButter Roti₹ 20

Crispy roti with the butter.

missi rotiMissi Roti₹ 30

Punjabi missi Roti made in Traditional Tandoor.

laccha parathaLaccha Parantha₹ 35

Crispy, layered and soft Paratha goes perfect with any dish.

butter naanButter Naan₹ 40

Melted Butter flavoured Naan.

basmati riceBasmati Rice Plain₹ 80

Long, Light, tender and aromatic Basmati Rice which goes amazing with any cuisine.

dessert & beverages


kulhad chaiKulhad Chai₹ 15

The most loved beverage that gives you freshness now in Kulhad.

coffeeCoffee₹ 20

Once you try a bit of coffee you will feel happier with your life, so drink a coffee at our restaurant and be happy as always.

cold coffeeCold Coffee₹ 40

Make out your day with our cold soothing frothy cold coffee

cold coffeeCold Coffee with Ice Cream₹ 60

When Cold Coffee is topped with Ice Cream it gives you refreshing feeling.

buttermilkButter Milk₹ 50

Butter Milk is the best beverage in summer which includes light spices and calms your stomach.

makhani lassiMakhani Lassi (Sweet)₹ 60

A sip of Chilled, Thick and Creamy Sweet Lassi with the topping of Makhan.

meetha dahiMeetha Dahi₹ 35

Delicious Bengali Thick Mitha Dahi to satisfy your taste buds.

srikhandKesariya Srikhand₹ 50

Refreshing and chilled Kesariya Srikhand with the aroma of Saffron.

fresh lime sodaFresh Lime Soda₹ 30

Fresh and astonishing Lime Soda to hydrate in Summers.

shikanjiShikanji₹ 35

Beat the heat with Fresh Shikanji spiced with black salt to control your thirst.

soft drinksSoft DrinksMRP

To refresh your mood and stay hydrated with the Soft Drinks available at our restaurant.

badam milkPista Badam Milk₹ 60

A Very refreshing and nutritious drink with original Pista and Badam in Milk to enhance your taste buds.

waterMineral Water₹ MRP

Mineral water of Springs which contains the real minerals to satisfy your thirst of water.

ice creamIce Cream (Single Scoop)₹ 25

The best dessert to satisfy your Sweet Tooth.