gulab jamunGulab Jamun₹ 22 per Pc. / ₹ 440 per Kg

Soft and yummy Gulab Jamun with a melt-in-the-mouth texture made from original khoya.

rasgullaRas Gulla₹ 20 per Pc.

These round sweet balls give you the taste of Bengal in Palampur which instantly melt in your mouth giving you the utmost pleasure.

jalebiJalebi (Desi Ghee)₹ 240 per Kg.

Crispy and Juicy Jalebi with the flavor of saffron and cardamom made from Pure desi ghee.

rabriRabri₹ 400 per Kg.

Popular and must try Indian dessert in now in Palampur made with milk, cardamom, and nuts.

ras malaiRas Malai₹ 30 per Pc.

A royal Bengali sweet and perfectly soft ras malai sweet served chilled with the flavor of saffron.

imartiImarti₹ 380 per Kg.

Experience the delicious and lip-smacking Imriti with its delectable taste now in Palampur.

jalebiPaneer Jalebi₹ 400 per Kg.

Crunchy Paneer Jalebi with a tempting variation.

kaju barfiKaju Barfi₹ 800 per Kg.

A thin, smooth, melt in the mouth slices of cashew nuts goodness now in Palampur.

ladooMoti Choor Ladoo₹ 330 per Kg.

Delicious and rich Ladoo made with the fine saffron boondi pearls.

chaina murkiChaina Murki₹ 400 per Kg.

Bengali sweet delights that will just melt in your mouth.

pedaChirawa Peda₹ 340 Per Kg.

Soft and thick pieces of peda which are a must try sweet for every sweet lover.

barfiNariyal Barfi₹ 340 Per Kg.

Traditional Indian fudge with the blend of grated coconut, sugar, and milk.

barfiBikaneri Barfi₹ 380 per Kg.

North Indian lightly sweetened thin Bikaneri Burfi all-time favorite for its light and refreshing taste.

milk cakeMilk Cake₹ 400 Per Kg.

Special, Classic Indian sweet with a grainy texture is the first choice for sweet lovers.

patisaPatisa₹ 300 per Kg.

Softer and creamier Patisa with the garnishing of almonds and pistachio.

Chaat & Snacks


kachoriRaj Kachori₹ 70

Rajasthani raj kachori stuffed with potatoes, sprouts served with chilled dahi, aromatic chutney, and crispy sev.

chatPapdi Chaat₹ 70

An amazing blend of spices with the coolness of Dahi and Crunchiness of Papdi.

chaatBhalla Papdi Chaat₹ 80

An amazing blend of spices with the chilled Dahi, crunchiness of papdi and soft fluffy Bhalla.

dahi bhallaDahi Bhalla₹ 70

The most enjoyed deep fried dumplings served with chilled dahi and two different chutneys.

aloo tikkiNangli Special Aloo Tikki₹ 70

Aloo Tikki crispy outside and soft inside with the serving of dahi and with special Nangli chutneys gives a real treat to your taste buds.

gol gappaGol Gappa (Atta / Suji)₹ 30

Enjoy the crispy Gol Gappa stuffed with potato, onion, and chickpeas flooded with flavored water.

chaatGol Gappa Chaat₹ 60

Famous street snack stuffed with the thick dahi and mouth watering chutneys.

sev puriSev Puri₹ 35

Famous Street food of Mumbai now in Palampur topped with sev, onion, curd different chutneys makes it difficult to miss.

chole bhatureChole Bhature₹ 70

Traditional Punjabi style Chole Bhature with Mirchi ka Achaar.

pav bhajiPav Bhaji₹ 70

Popular street food from Mumbai blend with different vegetables is served with lightly toasted Pav in pure butter.

kulchaAmritsari Kulcha with Channey₹ 70

The authentic taste of Amritsar, now in Palampur. Enjoy the flaky bread of the Kulcha and the spicy Chana.

kachoriPyaaz Kachori₹ 25

Crispy Jaipuri pyaaz kachori served with a sweet and sour flavor chutneys.

kachoriMoong Dal Kachori₹ 15

Soft Crispy moong dal kachori served with a sweet and sour flavor combination chutneys.

pakoraPaneer Pakora (5 Pcs)₹ 70

Crunchy and flavourful paneer pakora served with delicious chutneys.

kachoriKachori (Aloo Bhaji)₹ 50

Crispy and flaky Kachori with aloo bhaji gives you the exact taste of Mathura s traditional street food.

samosaSamosa₹ 12

Hot, Crispy, golden brown color Samosa made with the filling of potato, peas, paneer, which are blended with the various spices.

samosaSamosa Chaat₹ 40

Lip smacking crispy, crushed samosa chaat with chole, various chutneys, and spices to satisfy your taste buds.

bhelBhel Muri₹ 50

Tempting snack served with crispy puffed rice with the topping of vegetables and tangy chutneys.

moong dalMoong Dal Aloo Chilla₹ 60

Crispy and hot moong dal aloo chilla stuffed with fresh vegetables to please your taste buds.

moong dalMoong Dal Paneer Chilla₹ 80

Protein rich moong dal chilla stuffed with crumbled paneer serves your appetizers.

vag kathi rollVeg Kathi Roll₹ 80

Delicious wraps and rolls with a stuffing of mix vegetables.

aloo bhajiBedmi Poori (With Aloo Bhaji)₹ 70

Crispy and authentic Bedmi Poori is served with the taste of Mathura’s Aloo Bhaji.

soya chaapSoya Chaap (3 Pcs)₹ 120

Protein enriched and tempting Soya Chaap to relish your taste buds.

parathaPrantha (Aloo, Pyaaz)₹ 50

Amazing tandoor Pranthas in various varieties like Aloo, Pyaaz etc.

parathaPrantha (Paneer)₹ 60

Amazing and popular Paneer Prantha made with a wide varieties of cottage cheese.


chilli paneer

veg noodlesVeg Noodles₹ 100

Yummy Street style Veg Noodles with added vegetables like carrot, capsicum, spring onions, and mouthwatering sauces.

fried riceVeg Fried Rice₹ 100

Delicious and flavourful Veg Chinese fried Rice flooded with different veggies and sauces.

manchurianVeg Manchurian (Gravy/Dry)₹ 120

The Indo Western Chinese cuisine Veg Manchurian is loaded with various vegetables and coated with thick and flavourful sauce to boost your taste buds.

momosMomos (8 Pcs)₹ 60

Mouth melting Tibetan veg momos with the stuffing of vegetables and Paneer.

momosFried Momos (8 Pcs)₹ 80

Extra crispy fried Momos with the stuffing of vegetables and Paneer.

chilli paneerChilli Paneer (Gravy/Dry)₹ 150

Indo Chinese starter made with the fresh Paneer, Onion, and Capsicum. Enjoy it with Gravy as well as in dry form.

spring rollSpring Roll₹ 60

Lip smacking super crispy, light appetizer loaded with vegetables.

chilli potatoHoney Chilli Potato₹ 80

Crispy Honey Chilli Potato tossed with sesame honey sauce gives you sweet and spicy taste.

thukpaThukpa₹ 100

Tibetan hot noodles soup mixed with many vegetables and other delicious ingredients.



soft drinkStudent Combo (Burger, Fries & Soft Drink)₹ 100

Meal served with Combined items together great on the go and in students budget.



biscuitAtta Biscuit (Desi Ghee)₹ 90 / 300 gms.

Atta Biscuit baked in Pure Desi Ghee which can be the best dip for your Tea.

ruskRusk₹ 65 / 350 gms.

Crunchy and Mouth melted Rusk which can be the best snack with Tea.

ruskCake Rusk₹ 80 / 300 gms.

Crispy, Crunchy and delicious Cake Rusk for your Sweet Tooth.

biscuitAjwain Biscuit₹ 55 / 300 gms.

All time favorite Salty and Sweet flavor topped with Ajwain to refresh your Teatime.

khataiCoconut Khatai₹ 80 / 350 gms.

Delicious, Aromatic and melt in mouth Coconut flavored Khatai.

khataiPeanut Khatai₹ 80 / 350 gms.

Try our peanut khatai and enjoy with a glass of milk.